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Transformational Innovation Speaking & Training

Transformational Innovation is very difficult to undertake. In many cases, speaking or training sessions  are the first step to fostering a culture of innovation. The goal of these programs is to equip stakeholders, at all levels, with both a big-picture view of the transformational innovation wave we are facing and…

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Organizational R&D

Organizations as we know them are a technology on the verge of disruption. In its work developing new approaches to getting things done, Rethinkery Labs has developed a number of digital prototypes that demonstrate the underlying patterns that arise as we move form industrial models to software-defined companies. Ask us…

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Self driving cars are disruptive.
Self-driving organizations are transformative.

Software defined management technologies allow organizations to amplify what they do best- combining the strengths of teams with the strengths of automation. Ask us about what a team of digital 'robo-managers' can do for you.



Building Future Companies

May 7, 2018

Organizational Technologies Don’t Get Much Attention, But They May Be the Most Important Factor Shaping Tomorrow’s Society

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APIs Are The New FTEs

August 29, 2017

Facebook, Google and Twitter have to deal with outrageous amounts of spam and abuse. They hire teams of engineers to stop trolls, outwit bad actors and otherwise keep their walled gardens free of misanthropes. It’s a costly business. Pete Hunt, Josh Yudaken and Julian Tempelsman worked on anti-fraud technologies at Facebook, Instagram and Google; they dealt with phishing, hacking and other challenges on a daily basis.

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Replacing Middle Management with APIs

August 29, 2017

There’s a trend in Silicon Valley startups to create a software layer in industries that were traditionally pure human services. Uber and Lyft have created software layers in the taxi industry, 99designs Tasks in the visual design industry, Homejoy in the cleaning industry, and so on. These new software services employ armies of human workers, optimizing their output, productivity and quality while driving price down. The software layer between the company…

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