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About Rethinkery

We Highlight New Ways of Thinking About New Ways of Doing Things

Rethinkery is an R&D center focused on developing a better hands-on understanding of the transition to a Networked Economy. We serve as a resource for companies, NGOs and government agencies that want to better understand and adapt to the forces shaping tomorrow’s operating environment.

There are many kinds of innovation, but the Transformational Innovation necessary for companies to transition to the Networked Economy requires us to fundamentally rethink how we get things done. We are in a rare period in which every company can proactively confront emerging technologies and chart a new path forward.

To address this challenge, Rethinkery has developed the Organizational Technologies (OrgTech) model. By analyzing companies as a social technology to get things done, we are able highlight the specific “technology disruptions” that traditional companies face when confronted with competitors who rely on completely different systems to do things, and the “Innovation Pathways” that lie ahead.


We have offered companies facing these issues a number of resources, including:

Insight Catalyst: Help executive teams and boards understand the shift to the coordination economy, often via speaking or workshops

Disruption Profiling: Company-specific analysis to help companies understand the coming opportunities and threats for their business

Operational Retooling: consulting on how to make the transition operationally

Custom Research: Our Collective Intelligence Engines allow us to bring together diverse perspectives and insights into a wide range of topics and industries.


About Devin Fidler

Devin has worked with senior leaders at dozens of Fortune 1000 companies to systematically explore emerging issues and technologies, and to analyze their potential impacts. His ongoing work at Rethinkery Labs, including developing tools for “self-driving” management, has been covered by HBR, the New York Times, Wired and a number of other publications. He argues that today, companies themselves are a technology on the verge of disruption.

Devin is a frequent speaker at gatherings of business leaders and others interested in the transformation of work and organizations. He approaches projects from a strongly international perspective, having lived and worked in several countries throughout his career.

Why Work With Rethinkery Labs

Help bring greater clarity to seemingly chaotic change.

Use hand-on experiments to develop first-hand insights into broader patterns of economic transition.

Bring Rethinkery Labs' "Innovation Pathways” perspective to events and groups thinking about key issues in new ways.

Tap the power of Collective Intelligence by distilling the insights of diverse expert communities around the world.

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