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    Rethinkery Labs develops technologies to automate management. In general, we rely on a combination of two approaches, machine learning and “human task routing,” to create software-defined organizations that automate functions traditionally requiring ongoing human management. Our approach can incorporate crypto-contracts and elements of Distributed Autonomous Organizations, but we have found that the benefits of software-defined organizations go well beyond just blockchain-based approaches. Our objective is to think beyond the false choice between technology and jobs and toward a near-future when software-driven systems will greatly increase our collective capabilities.

    Rethinkery Labs is a commercial research initiative offering technology solutions and approaches for organizations interested in charting the path into a vastly more digitally-driven strategic environment.

  • Devin Fidler

    Devin Fidler has spent more than a decade helping organizations to adapt to emerging issues and technologies. In that period, he came to the view that the emergence of “self-driving companies,” combining the strengths of people and software,  will likely be the single most impactful technology of the next few decade. Along these lines, he founded Rethinkery with the objective of building concrete tools to allow organizations to automate management.

    Devin is a frequent speaker at gatherings of business leaders and others interested in the transformation of work and organizations. He approaches projects from a strongly international perspective, having lived and worked in several countries throughout his career.


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