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Building Future Companies

Organizational Technologies Don’t Get Much Attention, But They May Be the Most Important Factor Shaping Tomorrow’s Society

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APIs Are The New FTEs

Facebook, Google and Twitter have to deal with outrageous amounts of spam and abuse. They hire teams of engineers to stop trolls, outwit bad actors and otherwise keep their walled…

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Replacing Middle Management with APIs

There’s a trend in Silicon Valley startups to create a software layer in industries that were traditionally pure human services. Uber and Lyft have created software layers in the taxi…

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Networks and the Nature of the Firm

One of the themes we’re exploring at the Next:Economy summit is the way that networks trump traditional forms of corporate organization, and how they are changing traditional ways of managing…

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Realigning Human Organization

Devin Fidler, Research Director at the Institute for the Future, presents the Tech Horizon 2012 research report, Realigning Human Organization.

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RoboCorp: Are We Ready for Companies that Run Themselves?

It is January 2014 and at least 400 people are packed into a conference hall in Miami Beach. High-profile journalists stand against the walls. Powerful venture capitalists crouch in the…

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Self-Driving Companies and The Race to Build the Machine

While Uber, Airbnb and the other players in the “sharing economy” have captured public attention, the technologies underlying them continue to evolve at a rapid pace and it would be…

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Driverless management doesn’t make everyone a manager

Driverless management takes off where self-organization and autonomous work leave off

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