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Innovation Catalyst Speaking & Training

Transformational Innovation is very difficult to undertake. In many cases, speaking or training sessions  are the first step to fostering a culture of innovation. The goal of these programs is to equip stakeholders, at all levels, with both a big-picture view of the transformational innovation wave we are facing and the tools and techniques to be innovative on a daily basis. CONTACT US

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Organizational Technologies Development

Organizations as we know them are a technology on the verge of disruption. In its work developing new approaches to getting things done, Rethinkery Labs has developed a number of digital prototypes that demonstrate the underlying patterns that arise as we move form industrial models to software-defined companies. Ask us about identifying the processes in your organization that could be amplified by these emerging tools, and charting the likely impacts that digital disruption will have on your industry. CONTACT US

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Collective Intelligence Projects

Digital platforms allow the power of assembly lines to be extended into knowledge work. We have developed a number of automated research approaches that can be deployed in applications ranging from consulting projects to technical analyses. Let us create a custom “research robomanager” that is able to identify, bring together and manage the right teams to allow you to produce your routine research reports at the touch of a button. CONTACT US

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Why Work With Rethinkery Labs

Help bring greater clarity to seemingly chaotic change.

Use hand-on experiments to develop first-hand insights into broader patterns of economic transition.

Bring Rethinkery Labs' "Innovation Pathways” perspective to events and groups thinking about key issues in new ways.

Tap the power of Collective Intelligence by distilling the insights of diverse expert communities around the world.

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